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While we, as a company, tend to be more service biased, we have installed everything from the smallest window air-conditioner to 50-ton systems, self-contained display cases to full, ground-up supermarkets and all things in between.


Definitely our “bread and butter”, and 70% of our business comes from service. We run a very organized, effective, professional service operation over a wide area with very good results. Nobody bats 1.000% and neither do we, but that is our constant goal and we come very close considering the number of service requests that come through our office on an annual basis. We maintain the philosophy that perfection is a road and not a destination-but we’re trying. Quick response times, as determined by our customers, keep product moving through the stores at all times. 24/7/365 means just that.

Technicians are required to be licensed in Mass., Conn, and R.I., as soon as they are eligible. All are EPA certified.


We are currently engaged in service contracts, in some form or other, in hundreds of locations around Southern New England. Our goal is not to make a promise that nothing will ever go wrong, but to try to head-off and minimize anything that might occur. If you are interested in securing such an agreement, please call, fax or e-mail, and someone will contact you.

Customer Relations

Ours is the only company, at least that we are aware of, where the owners are active in the field and will visit each and every customer-that’s every service location, not just the corporate offices-on a regular basis. We speak to each and every manager, G.M, captain, shift leader etc., to make sure that they too are satisfied with the services we provide. Some things may be out of our control on their side of the business, but for our part we do our darndest to respond in a timely fashion to any concerns. Compliments are also welcome!



Allied Mechanical Services provides commercial refrigeration products to a wide range of clientele. We manufacture Prefabricated NSF approved Walk-in Cooler & Freezers. We are able to provide meat/deli cases, produce cases, beverage coolers, custom wine coolers, freezers and remote & self contained units by other name brand commercial manufacturers. Installation and custom design services are also available.

Air Conditioning

Matching equipment with your needs is optimal for both performance and efficiency. We will calculate the right size air conditioning system for your operations.


We work with each customer to design a system that meets their needs and budget. We recognize that every commercial space is different and we have experience installing and maintaining a wide variety of heating and cooling products in small, medium and large environments.

From our initial conversation with the customer to computer load analysis of the space, we take every opportunity to make sure the system we build is the right one for you.


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