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As of July 1, 2015 Horizon Bradco has acquired New England based Allied Mechanical Services, LLC adding to the team of more than 70 food and bakery equipment technicians employed by Horizon Bradco.


Allied Mechanical Services came to life on September 26, 1980. The company was started by Alan Kayser and Bob White and was initially run out of a house in Bethany, CT before moving to it's first office on Treadwell St., in Hamden, CT.

Immediately after, the company began working for A&P and Stop and Shop supermarkets, customers we have retained ever since. The company quickly expanded to cover most of Connecticut and Western Massachusetts, again areas we still cover.

By the end of the 1980's the company had expanded to 10 employees, plus an office staff of 2, several of whom are still with the company. The work was hard, the hours long, for everybody concerned, but the growth continued.

In 1990, the company moved to a bigger location on Sackett Point Road, in North Haven, CT. The big advantage of this location was easier access to major highways, and having a major supply house virtually right-next-door. During this period there were many mergers and acquisitions going on in the industry, and a change over to new, environmentally-friendly refrigerants, resulting in more growth, both in customer base and sales.

Come 1997 the original owners decided to retire and the company was sold to current owners Eric Tsolis and Bob Zeidler, both having worked for the company. Soon after, with the company doubling in size in sales, manpower and logistics, the North Haven facility was quickly outgrown.

This necessitated yet another move into the current offices/shop/warehouse on North Plains Industrial Road, in Wallingford, CT. This building offers most of the location advantages of the previous office, but with the added benefit of modern, spacious offices to accommodate an expanded office staff, necessary computer, server, scanning equipment, meeting rooms, and inside storage for vehicles and equipment.

As things stand now, we are an office staff of 7,with 26 mechanics licensed in 3 states, covering Connecticut, Rhode Island, Eastern New York State, and Western Massachusetts. We�ve even done the refrigeration installation for a major drug chain in Vermont.

On September 26, 2010, the company celebrated its 30th anniversary, and even we, who have lived it mostly every day, are wondering where the time went.

The present looks promising despite the current economic situation the country finds itself in, and the future even better.


Our Mission

We are committed to long-term relationships with dedicated service to our clients and by fostering the development of our employees.

Through that approach we can be sure that our work is conducted in a professional manner ensuring the success of all.


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